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It is what it is, in every sense of the word.

Connect brings brands closer to the urban, affluent and influential audience when they are out and about, through their smartphones. Clear Channel Connect is, in fact, the first global out-of-home mobile interactive advertising platform.

It allows brands to drive deeper and more meaningful engagement with consumers by providing a seamless integration between out-of-home and mobile. Helping advertisers and agencies to realise mobile strategies fit for the real world.

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Join us in the digital revolution and embrace Play!

Play is Clear Channel’s digital media portfolio that connects brands to people in a dynamic and creative (well if you like, playful) way, where real-time, tactical, topical and flexible communications is possible!

Play opens up new possibilities for advertisers to engage with their target audience through increased Context, Immediacy, Interactivity and Creativity.

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Reach and frequency, the two figures that every advertiser or planner wants to know when they are considering a network (or how we affectionately refer to as ProxPax). With SOAR, these and more insights are available at our fingertips.

SOAR, also known as Singapore Outdoor Audience Research, is the official provider of audience measurement data for Singapore Out-Of-Home media industry. It produces audience insights for Out-Of-Home advertising that is used as the currency for planning, trading and valuing advertising investment in our medium. 

Up, up, away!