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Clear Channel Outdoor launches Connect

by Debbie Wong | Mar 26, 2014

*Platform will initially reach 175 million consumers each month across 23 countries on 5 continents – creating the largest network of its kind.
* 75,000 sites worldwide will be equipped with NFC, QR and/or SMS capabilities.

*Starting May 2014, all 6-sheet advertising panels in Singapore will be permanently mobile-enabled with Connect capabilities.

In a world first, Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO), the leading innovator in out-of-home advertising, is rolling out Connect, its interactive mobile advertising platform globally, representing a major development in the evolution of out-of-home media worldwide - generating more opportunities for consumers and brands to connect.

Advertising panels on CCO’s pedestrian-accessible sites across the globe will be turned into mobile launch pads, enabling consumers to access interactive content from advertisers via their smartphones. Connect creates seamless integration between out-of-home and mobile, driving deeper brand engagement with consumers when they are out and about.

Singapore has taken the lead by offering advertisers interactive mobile advertising solutions through Mobile Life! since August 2011. In the coming months, Mobile Life! will be re-branded as Connect.

Starting May 2014, all 4,000 6-sheet advertising panels in Singapore, in addition to existing Mobile Life!-enabled panels in the CBD, will be permanently equipped with Connect capabilities, allowing advertisers to launch mobile enabled campaigns with ease – anytime, anywhere.

By June 2014, CCO will:
Create a mobile network reaching 175 million consumers monthly across 23 countries on 5continents

  • Be able to offer marketers the biggest out-of-home/mobile interactive platform from any media owner and the only one with a global scale
  • Have 75,000 outdoor sites fitted with Connect tags enabled for Near Field Communication (NFC), QR code and, in Latin America, SMS capabilities

    William Eccleshare, CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor, says, “We have made this investment because all our intelligence tells us this is what consumers want, to be able to engage with brands individually, immediately and effectively. We are bridging the online and offline worlds by combining our outstanding audience reach with personal engagement through mobile devices.  The global rollout of Connect accelerates the metamorphosis of out-of-home advertising from being the oldest form of advertising to the most modern and creative.”

    He adds: - “At Clear Channel Outdoor, we take pride in being a company of advertising firsts. We were the first to introduce the public bike scheme; the first to deliver an outdoor digital street furniture network; and the first to run a facial recognition campaign. We have done it once again with Connect as we are the first to roll out this interactive mobile platform on such an international scale.”

    The Connect tags are permanently attached to digital or static poster structures on pedestrian-accessible sites with heavy footfall and long dwell-time, such as street furniture – including bus shelters and similar street-level advertising structures – shopping malls and at point-of-sale. Connect sites can be found nationwide in Singapore, from the heartlands to premium locations such as Orchard Road and the CBD, reaching out to consumers of all ages and profiles.

    Consumers simply tap or scan their smartphone over Connect’s NFC tag or QR code to instantly open a gateway to an online brand experience. In CCO’s Latin American markets, the platform will also run with the addition of SMS capability; a tailored SMS code will appear on the outdoor advert.

    Advertisers can enhance the Connect user experience by offering a range of consumer benefits, which can be grouped into 4 main categories:

  • Information – search, maps, location-relevant, utility
  • Shopping – transactional, discounts / vouchering
  • Entertainment – gaming, video, photos, apps
  • Community – social media, text / IM, sharing

Advertisers and planners will also benefit from the rich data and metrics captured by Connect, including date, time, location, conversion of click-thru’s, and even which kinds of device were used - all allowing for campaign optimisation, performance review and delivery of ROI. 

Pru Parkinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Clear Channel Outdoor, comments: “Outdoor and mobile already enjoy a powerful connection; the recent example of CCO’s global outdoor campaign for Lady Gaga’s album launch drove over 700 million Twitter impressions.  But we are reaching a global tipping point for engaging with consumers on mobile devices and now is the time to take this connection to the next level.  It is the first time in history that more of us live in cities than in rural areas and we are spending more time than ever out-of-home. And at the same time, technology is now ubiquitous and the increase of smartphone penetration has revolutionized communication and consumer expectations.  It’s a perfect storm and Connect helps advertisers to make the most of it." 

CCO will be showcasing Connect and its full capabilities at the forthcoming Festival of Media Global event (6-8 April) in Rome, where Clear Channel Communications’ CEO Bob Pittman, will also be one of the event’s key speakers. 

CCO first launched its mobile platform in the UK with a nationwide rollout in 2013 that included 10,000 mobile-enabled sites in London and Edinburgh.  CCO’s mobile platform has since been launched in Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Singapore.  The global roll-out of Connect will see additional platforms planned for completion by June 2014 in: Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA.

About Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO)
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, reaching more than half a billion people every month via a global network spanning 30 countries across five continents. Clear Channel Outdoor is dedicated to creating inspiring and innovative out-of-home advertising solutions by collaborating with advertisers and applying powerful audience insights that enable brands to engage effectively with consumers when they are out and about.  Clear Channel Outdoor is also pioneering the integration of out-of-home platforms with digital technologies such as mobile and social to drive awareness and inspiration to engagement and purchase. 

With a portfolio of over 760,000 displays that includes traditional and digital formats in roadside, urban, transit and airport environments, street furniture and at retail near point of sale, Clear Channel Outdoor also has one of the fastest growing digital out-of-home networks with some 5,000 screens in 19 countries worldwide. In the U.S., Clear Channel Outdoor operates in 48 of the top 50 designated market areas.

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Every day, Clear Channel Singapore provides 100 million opportunities for brands to meet people.

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