Dirty Little Secrets Exposed

Strip revealed unhygienic hair removal practices of rival salons through a bold showcase filled with shavers on Clear Channel Singapore

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Dirty Little Secrets Exposed

Increased presence for Clear Channel Singapore on Orchard Road

Clear Channel Singapore was recently awarded the contract to manage the outdoor advertising space at Peranakan Place Complex.

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Perankan Place Complex
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Hello Finland, from Singapore!- Singapore

Hello Finland, from Singapore!

by Orange Tan | Jun 09, 2017

-- Experiential advertising creates a closer bond between the brand and the consumer. Rapid shifts in technology, including the rise of digital out-of-home (DOOH), are helping advertisers to create new brand experiences. One of such opportunities is in delivering hyper-personalised and authentic experiences which encourage brand loyalty, increasing the likelihood to purchase.

To create awareness for Lidl and its Asian Week food festival in Finland,  the German grocery chain giant and Clear Channel decided to give shoppers in Helsinki a unique experience of Asia while delighting commuters in Singapore, through its Window to Asia campaign in May 2017. The outdoor livestream campaign was the first-of-its-kind between Asia and Europe.

Selected for its strategic location, the Play digital panel at Eu Tong Sen Street outside Clarke Quay Central shopping mall live-streamed to a digital advertising screen located in Helsinki’s city centre. Custom fitted with microphones, speakers, and high speed connectivity, the panels enabled passers-by in Singapore and Helsinki to connect with each other in real-time through Clear Channel’s DOOH platform. 

“Technology has allowed us to break the barrier of distance and bridge meaningful connection. This innovative campaign execution delivered not only real-time but authentic, positive experience for each audience, which is the core of any successful experiential advertising,” said Amanda Woo, Head of Commercial, Clear Channel Singapore. “It was refreshing to see people’s reaction when they discovered the opportunity to interact with someone in a different continent via an advertising panel. Clear Channel’s international footprint has allowed us to carry out cross-border campaigns with ease, providing clients with added peace of mind.”

“As the pioneers in digital out-of-home, Clear Channel continues to lead this development with not just adopting the latest technology but in applying innovative thinking in meaningful ways that connect brands to people,” Woo explained.

Creative Agency: Folk Finland


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