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Singapore Police Force reaches out to the public creatively on Clear Channel Singapore.

by Sing Yee Low | Feb 02, 2015

Singapore – Singapore Police Force’s latest campaign, Festive Crime Prevention, reaches out to the public creatively at Clear Channel bus shelters, starting 4th December 2014 to 11th February 2015. 

As part of the integrated campaign to raise public’s awareness and knowledge on common scams that are especially prevalent during festive season, Singapore Police Force and Universal McCann collaborated with Clear Channel to bring three bursts of creative executions at selective bus shelters in Singapore. 

The final burst, which goes live on 29th January 2015, focuses on two popular online scams; Online Love Scam and Cyber Extortion. The target audience are the matured female adults and younger male adults, who both possess a common trait of being lonely and seeking for friendship or love.

To recreate the scene of an online meeting, a 32” touchscreen is being fitted onto a 6-sheet advertising panel at a bus shelter located along Orchard Boulevard, a site with one of the highest footfall in town. 

With a concise call-to-action showing on the screen, “Select your Gender to chat”, commuters will be prompted to step forward to interact with the panel. Upon selecting his/her gender, a chat window appears and the commuter will experience how a chat turns into a scam in a first person perspective. The chat is cleverly customised according to gender. 

More information and assistance on the mentioned scams can be easily retrieved through a quick tap or scan of our Connect tag (positioned conveniently on the 6-sheet panels) with a smartphone. Commuters will be quickly redirected to the specific scams on http://www.scamalert.sg. 

The special installation can be seen at bus shelter B01 on Orchard Boulevard till 11th February 2015. The campaign is further supported by 200 6-sheet printed posters and the entire campaign also runs on print, digital and radio from April 2014 to March 2015.

The first burst focused on Lottery Scams [pictured below]. To create the effect of flying dollar notes, a fan is strategically placed within a gutted 6-sheet advertising panel to oscillate the fake dollar notes continuously in the panel. Across the panel wrote a simple message, ‘A lifetime to earn it, a minute to lose it.’ Emphasized with an enlarged cheque with 3D polyform wings attached, further reiterated that one can easily lose his/her money through scams of such. Two bus shelters with heavy footfall and vehicular traffic in the city were selected for this execution from 4th to 7th December 2014.

The second burst focused on Kidnap Scams [pictured on the right]. A telephone is installed on a boxed up 6-sheet advertising panel and a concise message to pick up the phone is shown to encourage commuters to lift up the receiver. Upon answering, a conversation between a scammer and a victim can be heard. 

At the end of the conversation, a message to stay vigilant at all times and not be an easy target to kidnap scams is being played. The bus shelter located just outside Plaza Singapura and Dhoby Ghaut MRT station is being selected due to its high reach and frequency for this execution, from 18th to 31st December 2014.

Creative Agency: N.A
Media Agency: Universal McCann Singapore

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