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Adidas Climacool Anti-Perspirant

Adidas Climacool Anti-Perspirant launches on Clear Channel’s OOH mobile platform, Connect.

by Debbie Wong | Jun 16, 2015

Adidas Bodycare launches its newest Climacool Anti-Perspirant on Clear Channel’s OOH medium and mobile platform, Connect.

Through Clear Channel’s Fit Buff network, Adidas Bodycare is able to reach out to its target audience of sports enthusiasts effectively. The NFC chip and QR code on these 100 6-sheet advertising panels have been activated. Upon tapping or scanning with a smartphone, users will be directed to a custom mobile page that allows them to redeem a complimentary sample of the product. A succinct call-to-action is incorporated into its creative to encourage interactions and a lucky draw will be held at the end of the campaign period where a winner will receive a Adidas Bodycare hamper worth $150.

Clear Channel’s Connect mobile platform allows Adidas Bodycare to engage with the urban, affluent and influential audience on a more meaningful level, offering them an interactive and immersive brand experience while building awareness, educating and promoting trials.

The mobile-enabled campaign goes live on 28th May 2015 for 2 weeks and it is further supported by 50 Info Sheet posters on Clear Channel’s nationwide network over a 3-week period; 28th May – 24th June 2015.

 “Clear Channel offers advertising placements in prime locations around Singapore as well as up-to-date technology via its Connect platform to better serve the needs of advertisers, allowing for novel ways to connect with our consumers” – Valerie Chan, Brand Executive of StarAsia Singapore.

We combine our outstanding audience reach with personal engagement through mobile devices.  With Connect, brands do just that: connect with consumers individually, immediately and effectively.” Kelly Khoo, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel Singapore.