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Cadbury Dairy Milk launches creative OOH campaign to raise awareness and drive consumption.

by Sing Yee Low | Nov 05, 2015
Singapore – Mondelez Singapore and Clear Channel collaborated and brought together a creative out-of-home campaign to drive consumption across the entire range of Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars.

This campaign aims to encourage consumers to explore the different variants in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range by increasing the relevance of the Cadbury Dairy Milk to their snacking occasions.

Research shows that snack cravings can be defined by texture, volume, touch and feel of food, irrespective of the taste. Drawing from this information, Cadbury Dairy Milk highlighted four key snacking textures (“Chewy”, “Nutty”, “Smooth”, and “Chunky”) that can be found in their product range. The four flavors selected for the texture simulation are, Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut, Roast Almond, Milk Chocolate and the limited edition flavor, Cashew and Cookies.

To build awareness and allow consumers to experience the key textures present in the range, Cadbury Dairy Milk installed customised bum seats that simulates the chocolate consumption textures.

The installation located at B01 Penang Road (Opposite Park Mall), pictured on the left, is one of the selected bus shelters that features this creative concept. The texture, look and feel of the bum seats are also specially considered to ensure close resemblance to the chocolate bars. For example, to communicate the texture “Chewy” the seats are designed to be slightly bouncy, simulating the eating experience. By doing so, it highlights the texture offerings in Cadbury Dairy Milk’s product range and strengthens the brand relevance to consumers’ snacking habits.

Three Clear Channel owned bus shelters have been carefully selected for this creative execution; B07 Victoria Street, B03 Robinson Road and B01 Penang Road, running from September 2015 till October 2015. This campaign is also further supported by 100 faces of 6-sheet printed posters on Clear Channel’s island wide network for 3 weeks.

“This campaign is not only engaging and interactive, it is also… fun! The execution creates a strong brand presence but the opportunity (for the commuter) to participate in an entertaining campaign not only builds a strong brand association, it clearly shares the joy that Cadbury conveys." Kelly Khoo, CEO, Clear Channel Singapore