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Play Launch

Walt Disney, Johnson and Johnson and Clear Channel unveil Singapore’s largest digital out-of-home campaigns this weekend!

by Sing Yee Low | Nov 17, 2015

– Clear Channel announced its presence to deliver pin-sharp digital advertising to millions of people every day with the expansion of its Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) network. 

13th November 2015 was a significant date that marked the launch of Clear Channel’s DOOH network expansion, “Play - We Put The ‘D’ In OOH.” Media agencies, creative agencies, clients and partners were exclusively invited to join the local experts as they shared insights on digital out-of-home. The expected turnout of 300-strong crowd experienced the features of Play and witnessed the digital screens displaying the launch campaigns up close at the event and on the streets island wide! It was an event not to be missed! 

The digital panels at the showcase are embedded with a HD Camera that allows colour, gender and object recognition to be executed. Guests had a first-hand experience to interact with the exclusive capabilities at the event. Other than audience-triggered content, dynamic targeting messages and photos were also part of the showcase. Dynamic live updates presented advertisers with the ability to push content in real-time. This showcase provided potential clients what PLAY can offer.  

Clear Channel is pleased to be partnered with Walt Disney and Johnson & Johnson to broadcast their creatives during the launch weekend of Play to provide greater audience engagement through animation and copy movement. 

Walt Disney kick started the launch of Play by dominating the digital out-of-home screens on Friday night, presenting the most anticipated movie of the year “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer and visuals followed by Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine digital out-of-home campaign on Saturday. 

“We are thrilled to be launching our campaign for the most anticipated movie of the year, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, together with Clear Channel’s Play 2.0. Play technology brings to life our movie visuals and trailers, and with its added interactive functions, will ignite a new wave to Singapore’s outdoor media landscape. Congratulations, Clear Channel, may the force be with you.” Rachel Fong, Senior Marketing Manager, Walt Disney Studios Singapore. 

“Times are definitely changing and the uses for digital out-of-home extend far beyond static images, not only do we have the ability to create interactive and immersive digital experiences for our consumers. It will also provide better integration that can run across multiple devices. Technology advances such as this makes promotions, daily deals and flash ads more exciting and engaging, consumers today will increasingly expect to be active participants in a promotion in real time. Last but not least, the digital out-of-home signage enables advertisers to be more measurable across multiple metrics.” Marilyn Tan, Head of Marketing, Johnson & Johnson Singapore. 

“Play brings together: a creative-led approach, an intelligent use of the latest technology, a forward-thinking and innovative display model – from fixed ownership, to flexible ownership, to reactive and conditional ad-serving; and we combine and apply these across 200 of the most-interacted locations – to help brands reach audiences where they live, work and play.

Play will define the game in digital out-of-home in Singapore.” Kelly Khoo, CEO, Clear Channel Singapore.