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Tourism Fiji

Tourism Fiji mesmerizes the public with immersive OOH campaign.

by Debbie Wong | Feb 03, 2016

Singapore – In conjunction with the launch of Fiji Airways’ direct flights from Singapore to Fiji, Tourism Fiji launches its branding campaign, “Where Happiness Finds You” on Clear Channel’s bus and taxi shelters.

The campaign uses stunning images of Fiji to inspire Singaporeans to put Fiji on top of their next travel getaways list. Through one of Clear Channel’s latest formats; The Wrap, Tourism Fiji creates a visual treat (and impact) at 40 carefully selected bus or taxi shelters in the buzzling Central Business District and Orchard region, targeting mainly PMEBs who live, work or play in these prime and high-traffic locations.

This campaign runs on Clear Channel for 4 weeks, till 24 February 2016. 

“We use our inventory smartly; always looking for ways to enliven the audience experience, to get consumers talking and to create advocacy for brands.”
– Kelly Khoo, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel Singapore.

Creative Agency: Iris Worldwide (Australia)
Media Agency:
Equinox Communications