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CCS Marketing Fiona, Amanda, Melissa

Clear Channel Singapore welcomes back Amanda Woo as Head of Marketing.

by Debbie Wong | Mar 07, 2016

Clear Channel Singapore sees the homecoming of Amanda Woo as Head of Marketing and welcomes two additional new members; Melissa Ang and Fiona Chua.

[Picture: (from left) Fiona Chua, Amanda Woo, Melissa Ang]
Amanda Woo, who used to be the Marketing Manager back in 2008, will now return to lead the marketing department and assume overall responsibility for marketing communications, research and insights, mobile and digital development, creativity and innovation. Prior to this, Amanda was with Singapore Tourism Board for half a decade, overseeing strategic partnerships across travel and non-travel trade industries and spearheading the development and anchoring of strategic tourism projects for the Entertainment sector.

Supporting Amanda are two new Marketing members, Melissa Ang, as Insights Manager and Fiona Chua, as Creative Specialist.

Formerly from IPG Mediabrands and PHD, Melissa Ang has a wealth of experience working with many brands across the different sectors and media platforms. She is now responsible for effectively integrating and synthesising qualitative and quantitative information into actionable insights that inform decision-making and drive action and growth for advertisers. 

As a Creative Specialist, Fiona Chua, will be working closely with the Sales team to conceptualise and produce captivating, out-of-the-box and innovative executions for our advertisers on our medium. Her background as a Digital and Social Media Specialist with WWF and Senior Digital Executive with Sony Music Singapore, brings a fresh perspective to the team. 

Kelly Khoo, CEO of Clear Channel Singapore,on the team, “Having Amanda back is a real coup. She was a part of the team that started our business transformation a few years ago. Her return will sustain this continued transformation. Other than her Marketing responsibilities, Amanda also plays a role in the increasingly important Sales Activation piece, ensuring that our product offering, messaging and story-telling remain forward-thinking.

It is time that our research conversations take on a different tenor. This is a performance-driven business that requires the necessary evidence-based approach to drive predictability or accountability. Melissa will work with Amanda, to implement analytics excellence, including the identification and procurement of appropriate data sources and tools, and the integration of data-driven methodologies into the advertisers’ decision-making processes.

Through CREATE, the team achieved an unprecedented year of creative buys across our various OOH formats, winning accolades and recognition at the Sparks Awards, the Singapore Media Awards, and The Clios in NYC. Fiona will continue to take CREATE forward.

We are more than pleased to have Amanda, Melissa and Fiona on board. Our Marketing facility, and the rest of the team, will benefit from the increased metabolism that the new energies bring.”