OutSmart Pro – Citigold Campaign Case Study

18 Apr 2022

About the Citigold Campaign

The Citigold campaign establishes its refreshed digital value propositions, including its new mobile banking experience with enhanced wealth management tools. The campaign objective was to build Citigold’s brand presence and showcase its adoption of a mobile-first approach for its customers.

The digital strategy encompasses multiple touchpoints from an online-to-offline and offline-to-online approach to achieve equal or increased reach and engagement with the affluent and emerging affluent consumers.

Citi invested most of its OOH media budget with Clear Channel who demonstrated an understanding of Citigold’s digital strategy and presented strong competitive advantages with its programmatic service, OutSmart Pro, that met the campaign’s objectives through some the following OutSmart Pro capabilities:
– Buying audiences, and not just inventories
– Using intelligence to identify where the audiences are.
– Drive an action on mobile
– Drive incremental walk-ins to Citi branches.

The success of Citigold’s programmatic media buy was a result of a scientific approach that is data-led, fact-based, and insight-driven where OutSmart Pro provided granularity in performance metrics such as impressions pacing, audience pacing, top and lowest performing sites to make better decisions.


The Campaign Objective and Digital Strategy

Build Citigold’s brand presence and showcase its adoption of a mobile-first approach for its customers. The digital strategy encompasses multiple touchpoints in both offline and online environments, to influence the consumer journey from awareness of Citi’s retail products, to preference for Citi’s brand and services, to finally acquisition of new affluent and emerging affluent customers.


The Solution with OutSmart Pro

1.The ability to buy audiences instead of just merely inventories, and the assurance to do it reliably and at scale helped complement the targeted approach of Citigold’s digital plans.

2. The audience mobility data informed where Citigold’s ad message should appear programmatically on DOOH screens. Custom audiences were built in specifically to identify audience profiles, interests, and those in-proximity to points-of-interest where their target audiences frequent:
– ASEAN high-net-worth prospects
– Chinese nationals living in Singapore
– Entrepreneurs
– Millenials
– Women

3. Citigold’s OOH ad visuals included a prompt to search on mobile for ‘Citigold’ and a QR code to scan, and layered on mobile re-targeting to increase conversions, with cross-device, cross-channel targeting to those who have seen the OOH ads and drive an action with mobile banner ads.

4. Drive incremental walk-in to Citi branches. OutSmart Pro Uplift Analysis measured the OOH attribution across all of Citi’s branches islandwide

The Results

Client Quote

“Clear Channel helped us to focus on audience exposure and not merely placements. They have stood out as a media owner because of their larger OOH network and flexibility with OutSmart Pro, that allowed us to pause and resume with a short turnaround time and even shift locations to where the audiences are, as we moved along the different Covid phases. In our efforts to drive our customers towards the conversion funnel, their mobile retargeting tool, Outsmart Connect, further helped us to remarket our audiences on their mobiles after they have seen the ads at the bus shelters, and later, drive them to Citi’s website. Clear Channel’s ability to provide us with flexibility in buying OOH and accountability backed by measurable results not only justified OOH spends, but minimised wastage for our client.Cyril Fonseca,  Associate Director, Spark Foundry (Agency for Citibank).