OutSmart Connect – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Case Study

18 Apr 2022


For the movie launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) launched a mixed media (digital and 6-sheet formats) campaign that leveraged on OutSmart which allowed the brand to connect seamlessly from out-of-home to online to increase conversions, with cross-device and cross-channel targeting.

With location intelligence, we delivered a market-first solution to track commuters exposed to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker campaign at bus shelters, and later retargeted specific audiences via programmatic mobile ads and ultimately, measured if these audiences attributed as footfall to the identified cinemas.



To justify and capture the OOH spend from The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia), we needed to deliver beyond the standard awareness building and more importantly, demonstrate impact and measurability in the results.

Thus, the outcome of the campaign was to fulfil the following:

1. Demonstrate the use of intelligence from OOH, provide ROI data, from optimisation to attribution.

2. Deliver a frictionless consumer journey from OOH-to-online with use of tech and mobile IDs to integrate with their larger digital strategies. The CTR target was set at 0.20%.

3. To optimise mobile ads through effective use of insights and creative assets.

In terms of target audience, The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) zeroed in on the following key segments:

– Young adults 18 to 35 years old
– Teenagers 16 to 17 year olds
– Star Wars fans with a special interest in action movies, sci-fi, comics and male-skewed games



– Use of Intelligence to deliver a highly targeted and measurable campaign.

– Delivering a frictionless consumer journey from offline-to-online with use of tech and mobile to integrate with their larger digital strategies.

With our island-wide presence, Clear Channel delivered an overnight reach with its OOH media for the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker campaign. Layered with OutSmart’s location intelligence data, we were able to measure the exposure of the OOH ads, and with mobile targeting we were able to increase consideration and track behavioural movement patterns across touchpoints that attributed to cinema footfall.

This resulted in a holistic OOH approach for The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia). The recommended media buy comprised of the following:

1) With a combination of 6-sheet and digital screens (Play+), the campaign ran across specially curated bus shelter locations in proximity to cinema operations and where the studio’s target audience were out and about.

2) We measured mobile devices reached in OOH and retargeted on mobile that provided a one-to-one ad experience. This achieved further exposure in an online environment which ultimately, increased the impact to consideration. With 1million impressions, they were served to specific audience segments with an affinity to the segment and categories namely ‘Movies’, ‘Science-fiction’ and ‘Popular Culture’, all of which were aligned with The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia)’s mobile strategy.

3) We measured the impact and delivered the footfall to a list of geo-fenced major cinemas to bring the audience one step closer to conversion.



The OOH campaign was used to drive early awareness and means of collecting insights during the period from 6 December till the launch of the movie on 19 December 2019. In this one week, there were a total of 9,974,196 mobile devices tracked which provided a large enough pool of database to facilitate the mobile retargeting campaign that ran till 25 December 2019.