OutSmart Connect – Pfizer Pneumonia – Get Vaccinated

18 Apr 2022

The Challenge

Pfizer wanted to raise the awareness of Pneumonia,  the second largest infection in Singapore, and encourage people, including those who work in the health industry to get vaccinated against it.  The challenge was the need to deliver meaningful audience insights to understand their audience, interests and whereabouts, related to Pneumonia and measuring the overall impact of the campaign – proving that the right audience was targeted at the right locations.


Demonstrated the use of intelligence to deliver a highly targeted and measurable campaign with OutSmart Connect (an exposure-to-conversion tool to connect OOH-to-online). Within our island-wide presence, we delivered an overnight reach across our digital assets. The sites selected were within 1km from hospitals and clinics to target clinic visitors and healthcare-seeking audience. The campaign ran for 7 weeks for optimal reach and attribution.

In addition, we connected seamlessly from out-of-home to online, with cross-device and cross-channel targeting. With location intelligence, we were able to identify the audience exposed to the OOH ad at bus shelters whom were later targeted om mobile for the one-on-one ad experience. About 1.1mil impressions were served to audiences with an affinity in Health & Wellness, recently visited hospitals or clinics, those who landed on health-related websites associated with selected health keywords. Finally, we delivered the footfall to the 30 geo-fenced major hospitals and clinics to bring the audience on step close to conversion.

The Results

A total of 1.12mil impression were served, 11x above the benchmark, the campaign reached 522k unique devices; our bus shelters contributed to 1.14mil and mobile targeting contributed to 91k exposed visits to a hospital or a clinic.

Client quote

“The teams across Pfizer, Clear Channel and Wavemaker were mutually aligned with what was needed to make the best of the campaign. OutSmart as a solution fulfilled the objectives and was also able to optimise our spends. We are pleased with the campaign performing 11x above benchmark. With OutSmart’s capability to provide measurability, this will allow us to benchmark ourselves against other campaigns and identify areas for improvement.” –  Danny Wang, Category Lead (Vaccines/ IM-D), Emerging Market.