At Clear Channel, research and insight plays an integral part in everything we do. That’s why we’re continuously investing in new and engaging research that furthers our understanding of the audiences we reach and the impact our Out of Home (OOH) advertising has on the consumer.


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Commissioned to an independent third party research company, Clear Channel Research Monitor (CCRM) is a pre/post survey research that measures ad recall of a campaign and brand perception.

How will CCRM benefit me?

Clear Channel Research Monitor helps to determine the following metrics for your static out-of-home campaigns:

Source of Recall

Media platforms where respondents recall seeing the ad.

Ad Perception

Feedback on visual appeal and messaging.

Ad Effectiveness

Measures if objectives of ad have been met.

Brand/Category Awareness

Where the brand stands amongst competitors.

Brand/Category Perception

The brand’s positioning and public’s preconceived idea of the brand.