What are the types of services?

Assisted OutSmart Pro Service

You want a one-stop solution.

Clear Channel will manage the buy for you from planning, optimising to reporting.

DIY OutSmart Pro Service

You want to take control of your campaign.

You decide when you want to start or pause, increase or decrease your pDOOH campaign.

Private Marketplace

You want to deliver an omnichannel strategy
(customised deals just for you).

Clear Channel will create private deals via Hivestack or Broadsign Reach.

Open Exchange

You want to deliver an omnichannel strategy
(bid for what you want).

You decide your choice of inventory and bidding price via Open Exchange.

What are the features?

Assisted Outsmart Pro Service
DIY Outsmart Pro Service
Private Marketplace
Open Exchange
Location Targeting
Audience Targeting
Situational Triggers
Time-belt, Day-parts and Weather
Time-belt, Day-parts and Weather
Time-belt, Day-parts Temperature and Weather
Time-belt, Day-parts Temperature and Weather
Fixed CPM
Frequency Capping
Pacing Managed by
Hivestack, Vistar Media or your preferred DSP
Hivestack, Vistar Media or your preferred DSP

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Which service should I consider?

Add-on services for your campaign

Brand Uplift
OutSmart Connect
Market-First in Asia: Vehicle Count
Mobile Device ID Passback
Uplift Analysis
Dynamic Creative Optimisation
Dynamic Moments

Measure the impact of your OutSmart Pro campaign against 5 KPIs

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Recall
  • Brand Uplift
  • Brand Opinion
  • Purchase Consideration


Target those who have seen your OOH ad and drive an action on mobile, moving one step closer to conversion.

How does OutSmart Connect reach my target audience?

Behaviours: Real-world places where your target audience may frequent.

Interests: Their mobile interests based on the categories of apps the target audience uses.

Intent: The target audience that displays online purchasing intentions related to specific categories.

How it works?

  • Mobile device IDs are tracked for target audiences who are served advertisement via OutSmart Pro at relevant screens at bus shelters along their daily travel journeys.
  • The same group of target audience are retargeted on mobile with banner ads (Tracking of CTR to webpage).
  • Redirects to webpage/ app store to drive downloads when banner ad is clicked.
  • Measure visits to the physical store (if any) after seeing OOH ad and mobile banner, attributing as footfall to store visits.

Vehicle Count

We are the first in Asia to include vehicle count in our LEXI video analytics solution. You can now target drivers and/ or the affluent and identify locations with high vehicle count in the past 30 days.


A more precise count of traffic and dwell times
– Footfall (95% detection accuracy)
– Vehicle (95% detection accuracy, 90% vehicle type accuracy)

How it works?

Object recognition in real-time
– Footfall (silhoutte detection)
– Vehicle (passing vehicles – buses, trucks, cars and vans)

  • Multiple long-shot frames taken over 30-minute periods

  • Privacy protection (PDPA compliant)

With OutSmart Connect, we can provide you with mobile device ID passback for remarketing.

  • Pool of mobile device IDs captured at bus shelters where ads appeared.
  • Pool of mobile device IDs captured for those who clicked-through banner ads and walked to stores.
  • Remarket on mobile to drive promotions for repurchases or to sign on loyalty programmes.

Analyse movement patterns of consumers, activate location-based media and measure your KPIs.

How it works

  1. Geofence competitive stores
  2. Target consumers on mobile
  3. Retarget consumers on DOOH
  4. Measure in-store lift
  5. Analytics and viewability

Dynamic creative optimisation allows advertisers to serve dynamically changing ads to digital screens based on external data triggers e.g. time of the day, screen location, stock indices, etc

Dynamic Moments optimisation (DMO) optimises creative content based on contextual triggers at a market, postcode, or screen-site level. Users can activate or deactivate screens during a Moment, defined as conditions that provide a good advertising opportunity. For example, a hair care brand can target the Moment when prolonged warm and humid weather creates unwieldy waves.

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