A dynamic mix of products that allows your brand to surround and immerse consumers when they are Out of Home.

Complemented with other advertising in an integrated media plan, our products can build or extend reach, amplify a campaign, and drive consumers to engage with your brand online/ on mobile or in-store.


Impact and Visibility.

Our 6-sheet Proximity Packs use smart planning to allow brands to target specific audience segments, where they are, at the right time. View Audience Knowledge.



As pioneers in Digital Out-of-Home, we have perfected the delivery for brands to hyper-target its audience through context, immediacy, interactivity and creativity.

Our latest Play+ is a new goal-based approach to buying DOOH. It allows advertisers to buy guaranteed goals and not just locations; to deliver campaigns from one week to just one day; and increased flexibility with a suite of add-on solutions to choose from.

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Proximity, Point-to-Purchase.

By being in proximity to your retail point, this format encourages top-on-mind recall en-route to points-to-purchase.

“NEW” 6-sheet

Scaled Up Branding, for Le$$.

The size of a 6-sheet, at a fraction of the price! This format also benefits from the same widespread distribution of a 6-sheet, with its vast distribution across a variety of environments.

The Wrap

Branding with Impact.

A landscape vinyl display for maximum visibility. Integrated with the bus shelter, and the commuting journey, The Wrap simulates an ambient advertising experience.

The Multi-Wrap

12-Weeks, Multi Offers.

An evolved version of The Wrap, an additional panel allows for interchangeable information where brands can display varied promotional offers across a 12-week period or more – at an affordable rate.

The Multi-Display

12-Weeks, Multi Offers.

An evolved version of The “NEW” 6-sheet format, an additional panel allows for interchangeable information where brands can display varied promotional offers across a 12-week period or more – at an affordable rate.

Street Billboard

Branding with Impact.

A street level billboard, this large format display builds strong brand and product image association. Located at high traffic areas such as CBD, Orchard, Marina Bay and exclusive residential zones.

The Canopy

Branding with Impact.

The motorists’ 2D rooftop billboard, the distinctive large landscape format reaches out to travelling vehicle commuters on the road and establishes brand stature. Break through the clutter with The NEW Canopy and capture motorists’ attention.

The Marquee

Branding with Impact.

Bringing brands to life with a 3D rooftop billboard. Its sheer size and position allows for elaborate creative execution that generates PR and earned media opportunities. Located across high impact city locations over an extended period.


The Spectacular

Branding with Impact.

Located in the heart of Orchard, our Orchard Road billboard and events venue create presence and allows for on-ground activation – to deliver unbeatable impact, reach and brand prestige. The Spectacular reaches out to a broad audience; tourist, locals and motorists.

The Domination Packs

Dominate with Scale

Clear Channel owns 80% of the bus shelters with over 5000+ advertising faces distributed across Singapore. The Domination Packs allow brands to dominate island-wide and create an overnight reach across multiple touch-points and points of interest such as supermarkets, offices, schools, watering holes and shopping malls at an attractive rate.

Available on 6-sheet, Play, The Street Billboard, The “NEW” 6-sheet and The Classifieds.

Electric City

The first-ever large format street-side digital billboard

Located in Orchard and Robinson, the ultra high-definition display of the format supports full-motion and audio-visual content that deliver an immersive experience. A tech-fuelled product, Electric City enables OOH-to-Mobile integration with NFC, Microphone and RFID to deliver interactive campaigns.