Proximity Packs

An insight-driven approach, based on an in-depth study of demographic and behavioural habits of consumers, the Proximity Packs are audience-targeted networks that help brands target the right people, at the right place, at the right time.


About Proximity Packs

Our Proximity Packs are conceived through a 3-step site analysis:

People – Our strong island-wide distribution allows advertisers to connect with various demographic groups through knowing where they live, work and socialise.

Proximity – Easy targeting based on closeness to desired consumer environments; such as supermarkets, fast food restaurants, schools etc.

Patterns – Ensure repeated exposure around a certain environment.

The Proximity Packs

6 & The City

The 6 & The City Pack comprises 60 static and digital 6-sheets located in premium locations, guaranteed to capture the hearts and minds of the affluent consumers who live, work and play in the prime residential, business, retail and entertainment enclaves across the City.


Reach the high-net worth consumers with the Atas pack where poster sites are located within the vicinity of their residences, frequented places such as country clubs, and shopping malls in the prime areas.


The BAU pack is crafted to capture the attention of employed audiences who hold 9am-6pm jobs where poster sites are located in the CBD, near to Business Parks and Industrial Estates.


Create an impact across all 40 planning areas in Singapore. The Everywhere pack, ideal for brand awareness and publicity blitzes, contains 300 poster sites that deliver maximum reach and frequency through a “length-and-breadth” coverage.


The Fit-Buff pack is created to reach out to sports enthusiasts by focusing on specific locations where they frequent most such as stadiums, gyms, sports halls and park connections.

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour pack is built within en-route proximity to watering holes and restaurants in Singapore. This maximises exposure and influences purchase behavior where consumers are most receptive and in a state of mind to spend.

Kopitiam Kakis

Targeted at consumers who love their local fare, the Kopithiam Kakis pack is constructed with poster sites are distributed within the vicinity of food courts, hawker centres and coffee shops in Singapore.

Nest Egg

The Nest Egg pack with 200 poster sites is specially established to target the elder and cash-rich audiences that are highly sought-after by most advertisers.


Get through to the heartlanders and maximise reach with the Neighbourhood pack that has poster sites clustering around the immediate vicinity of the HDB Town Centres – community centres, schools, shophouses, heartland malls.


The M18 pack targets the tertiary students and young adults aged 18 to 29 years old using findings from Clear Channel’s Research & Insights data and site placement in proximity to school campuses, universities, army camps and polytechnics.


The PG pack is aimed at teenagers and young adults where poster sites are located in environments in which they are mostly spotted at. This includes primary and secondary schools, junior colleges, ITEs and common hangouts spots such as sports complexes and cinemas.


Gain traction from motorists with the Rev! pack. This pack is crafted with poster sites placed around arterial roads, petrol stations and major URA carparks to provide frequency and encourage memorability at the point of purchase.


The Satellite pack is crafted with the public transport users in mind by choosing sites that are located near the MRT and LRT stations, bus interchanges and terminals.


The Spree pack is designed to grasp the attention of shoppers. Poster sites are positioned in close proximity to favoured shopping hubs in Singapore where its constant presence around points-of-sale will influence purchase decisions and boost path-to-purchase.


The SuperValueDeal pack targets grocery buyers with an everyday routine. With poster sites located in and around supermarkets and convenience stores, this pack increases exposure for newly-launched products and aids in maintaining brand sustenance which heightens top-of-mind recall.


Effectively reach out to fast food consumers with the SuperValueMeal pack. Poster Sites in this pack are situated outside and en-route to fast food joints and retail malls that enable high influence on consumers and triggering impulse purchases.

Uniquely SG

The Uniquely Singapore pack is constructed to target tourists with each site in proximity of or en-route to tourist attractions, key shopping and cultural districts and hotels.
Having presence around these key areas ensures traction.

Yummy Mummy

The Yummy Mummy pack targets the domestic and affluent CF(amily)O young moms who enjoy splurging on themselves and their families. The sites within this pack are situation in the precincts of pre-schools, hospitals, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Audience Knowledge

Download the Audience Infographics to find out more on audience profiles, media consumption behaviours, ad influence and travel behaviours.

The people on-the-go with the spending power, a penchant for convenience and heavy reliance on technology.

Motorists who are out-and-about making daily commutes.

The general group of consumers in Singapore.

The trend-chasers, the browsers, the fashionistas and the spenders.

The occasional, the frequent and the avid Food & Beverage enthusiasts.

Public transport users e.g. MRT, LRT stations, buses

The wealthy individuals with a high annual income.

The teenagers and young adults seen around schools and hangout spots such as malls, sports complexes and cinemas.

The group of people whose love for fast food is undeniable.

The gym-goers, the sports enthusiasts and fitness junkies.

Visitors from all around the world in sunny Singapore.

The elderly and cash-rich audiences.

The people who live in the neighborhood.

Grocery buyers with an everyday routine.

The active young adults and tertiary students aged 18 to 29 years old.

The consumers who love their local fare.

Affluent CF(amily)O young moms who enjoy splurging on themselves and their families.

High-income consumers who live, work and play in prime residential, business, retail and entertainment enclaves across the City.